Escape from Hulin Island - Global Game Jam 2022

Game Name: Escape from Hulin Island
Genre: Co-Op Puzzle / Adventure
Share Link: Crayta

Escape from Hulin Island is a Co-Op Puzzle Adventure. To solve the mysteries of the island you need to work together with a friend and communicate via voice-chat.

LittleCreator: Environment Art + Design
Vilva: Game Idea + Scripting

Special thanks to these wonderful people
AdamO: Local Handler, Simple Image, Smooth Path, Screen Fade
Mightykho: Mighty Animations, Mighty Lasers
mochi: Crafting Package, Pseudo world prompts
nomaki: NUI - Splashscreen, Flickering Light
Russ: User Keypad
ekelrock: Elevator
Cereal: Damage Vignette
WildeReaver: CCTV System
Daigoro: For teaching me how to rotate cameras along a circle