Escape from The Museum - A physical escape room like experience in Crayta

This museum is cursed! Can you and your friends discover what is going on? Solve puzzles together and save the world!

Are you a huge fan of physical Escape Rooms? This game is for you!

Estimated visit time: 30 mins. Use your in-game voice system! Talk to each other!

Have you already finished? Then try this: enter again and act as game master, trying to help other users! I can assure you it is really fun to see how others think about the puzzles! Give it a try!

Feedback appreciated! Thanks!


Jump into game:


Awesome game @heedrox - I’m hoping to play it with my wife later :slight_smile:

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Its really nicely made @heedrox, well done.

I found the difficulty level was pretty good for me and a friend, who are both moderately experienced at escape room/logic puzzles.

However we couldn’t get the Temple unlocked :frowning: I think we were on the right path for each of the locks, but couldn’t seem to get the right combinations. We were pretty thorough in looking around for the clues. Does each lock indicate separately when you’ve solved it?

Also I believe there’s a bug in your progress counter, it said I’d done 6/7 sections, when we’d only just begun!

Thanks Tom!

I’m really curious about the progress counter bug… Probably there some other players before who left the game when there were 6 / 7 sections done… But… puzzles and doors were locked? how strange…

About the locks of the temple… Yes, each lock tells you when it’s correct, the left one (related to that scroll you find in the office…) and the right one (related to the scroll you find in the basement). I need to create a hint system… Contact me through discord so I can give you a hint, and try to retry later again!

The puzzle I like the most is just the one in the temple!!!