Event Trigger

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  • trigger event(s) using one or more onCollision, onEnter, or onInteract actions
  • (optional) within x time
  • (optional) trigger to reset events


  • eventTrigger controller for settings on locator
  • one or more triggers
  • event counter to require x triggers to activate event(s)
  • optional timer to complete all triggers
  • optional reset trigger to do event(s) after inital event


  • place eventTrigger in world near desired event
  • rename eventTigger or place under desired event for world tree organization
  • organization for easy to find and modify as needed


  • eventTrigger (locator) template acts as controller
  • example: (game example uses 4 pads)
    • door has doorScript with DoorOpen function
    • pressure pad outside door with onCollision to call eventTrigger OnCollision
    • 2nd pressure pad, configured as above
    • eventTrigger eventCounter configured at 2 to activate events
    • events can be one or more
  • eventTimer
    • if greater than zero, timer starts at first trigger
    • if not completed within x time
      • counter is reset to 0
      • events are reset
  • eventReset trigger
    • optional - function :ResetTriggers()
    • resets all events
  • resetTimer (place holder - not coded)
    • if greater than zero, timer starts after event(s) triggered
    • close door after x time; following the example above


  • game will be remixable
  • screen shots posted in forum for onCollision, onEnter, onExit

Accessiblity: (game has these additional items)

  • not included in the package or forum posting
  • StateSwitcher is used on childern of eventTrigger locator toggle visible/active


  • hide childern on init (easily placed in editior)
  • trigger toggles the childern on
  • make an event for each

EventTrigger - Reset Actions

  • add each child to reverse the above toggle
  • add Trigger Action toggle back to “closed” / starting position

Other Game notes:

  • GetInteractPrompt package was used to toggle Interact on and off
  • InteractPrompt package was used to display prompts
  • Tutorial Modded package was used for intro camera work


2022-03-10 Initial Release

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Screenshots for configuration help:

Other Screenshots for events: (placeholder)