Evoxel - Early Access

I’m proud to present the early access release for my new game Evoxel!
Play now!

Explore the land of Evoxel and build up your farm!
This is a relaxing game where you can raise up some cute evoxels and sell the pure voxel crystals they produce to earn money (Xel) in order to expand your farm and access new areas :blush:
Come early and give feedback in order to shape how the game evolves :grin:

More features coming including more places to explore, different types of Evoxel to raise, and more structures to build on your land!

Feedback and bug reports are greatly appreciated here or @mochi on the Crayta discord.


Congrats on the early access launch, is a great gameplay loop and I’m looking forward to future updates!

Hi, Mochi!

This looks like a fun riff on Slime Rancher . I’m just starting but I’m sure I’ll keep coming back.

Thanks! Looking forward to getting out new content too! :blush:

Hi Zeez!

Fun fact: I haven’t played slime rancher yet! When I was originally describing my game plans people talked about it sounding kind of similar to slime rancher so I looked it up and got a good amount of inspiration from it. With some of the future releases I’m hoping to incorporate some fun features that’ll be a bit more unique to Evoxel :grin:

Congrats on 10k Plays!!!

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