Expose character movement animations and states to the API

I would like to be able to trigger player character animations at will, ideally with the same control AnimationHandle currently gives with meshes (changing playback speed, getting/setting progress, etc.).

Behind the scenes there must be some sort of state checking for where the player is in relation to the ground specifically to determine when to play a walk vs jump/fall animation, - such as UE’s default playercontroller having “UCharacterMovementComponent::IsMovingOnGround()” . Obviously I don’t know what all you have going on, but it would be nice to be able to use some of them ourselves, especially a grounded check.

This would also be extremely useful in customizing player movement and enable the potential to make more unique platformer games among other things. Some examples that aren’t really fully possible right now:
-A dodge roll ala Dark Souls, rebound to a button of the creator’s choice
-The ability to make the player hang from a ledge by canceling the mantle animation and movement, this could then let creators create mechanics like shimmying along a ledge or climbing up and down
-Making a windwaker/breath of the wild style glider
-Vertical ladders
-enable a ton of options I can’t come up with but other people will be able to make creative use of

It would be really cool if we had node-based custom animations, of course, but that’s a much more complicated system whereas exposing what’s currently there should, in theory, be a relatively easy thing to do?