Extinguish Fire In Water Package (Joachim)

Author: Joachim Samaké
Package Name: Extinguish Fire In Water (Joachim)
Description: Extinguish Fire In Water from a Package Request

Note: We can still optimize the lamp like I did with the tiki torch,
that is to say if the water does not reach the fire level of the oil lamp, it may have its feet in the water but its fire will not go out, but that will complicate the installation a little for a small visual detail.

Simplified installation:

the package uses a trigger that will frame your puddle.
you will therefore define at most 2 torches or lamps to be extinguished in contact with this water.

:diya_lamp: For the oil lamp, you must enter the lamp itself and its fire in the editor (you can add effects and sound, provided that they are all children of the fire)

:izakaya_lantern: For the tiki torch, we do not fill in the tiki torch but rather “a small invisible ping pong ball” which is the parent of the fire (we can add effects and sound, provided that they are all children of the fire) then the fire is entered in the editor.

that’s all! :wink:



:tv: Youtube Videos:


This is incredible, thanks soooo much for putting this together for me. The YouTube videos were a great added bonus. I’ll have a play around with this tomorrow and let you know how you get on. Thanks again :+1:

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Hi, so I was trying to make this work for a Tiki Torch with a flame on that I’m holding. That is a template but I think the package is configured only for items in the world?

Hey Marck thanks for the feedback, yes I’ll see and push an update later to also handle the templates

Awesome, thank you. As an extension, could there be a trigger to light the torch again?

Yes I will make it

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