Extra arguments in sending to server become userdata and not nil

Game: Space Runner
Stadia Handle: mochi

If I do not explicitly pass in nil into the fourth argument into the following call (in GameMenuScript ln109-114):

			self.numTracks * self.numPlayers,

it will become a userdata on the receiving side:
UserScript ln 587:

function UserScript:SpawnWorld(gameTemplate, numPlayers, numRaceTracks, location)

which causes ln 610 local spawnLocation = location or Vector.New(0, 10000 * self.trackPos, -1000 * self.trackPos) to be assigned some userdata that I can’t use as a spawn location.

Hi Mochi, a quick note - we’re looking into this behaviour. For now you’ll need to make sure you fill in all the parameters that the target function requires.

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