✅ Extracting a voxel mesh inside a template removes it from the tempalte and places it in the world


If you’re inside a template, and you need to extract some piece of voxel so you can re-use it, doing so will remove the extracted voxels from the template entirely and place it in the world.

I think this should extract it and keep it inside the template.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Open up create mode.
  • Add a locator, create a template from it,
  • Add a voxel mesh to the template
  • Select the extract tool
  • Choose any number of voxels,
  • Click “Extract”

The selected voxels will be deleted from the template, and appear in the world.

Platform: Stadia
Crayta username: Cereal
Game seen in: Create Model
Time + date seen: March 21 2021

Hi Cereal,

Thanks again for providing us with a detailed bug report!

I’ve submitted a ticket regarding the voxel extract issue you have mentioned above.
Our internal team will investigate it further.