Falling through voxel floors

I have noticed a few times now when testing a game I am working on that seemingly randomly my player will just fall through the floor of one of my buildings.

Some possibly helpful info:
. I have set the speed multiplier to 1.2
. The floors, walls and ceilings of my buildings are 2 voxels thick
. The building is part of the terrain voxel mesh (everything is one mesh)

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Does the falling through the floor stop after a some time in the server?

We’ve encountered an issue where very large maps can take a little while to load collision causing players to fall through the floor until they load in (normally only a minute or so!)

If not can you provide a share-link to me so I can jump in and have a poke around?

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Come to think of it, I’ve only ever noticed this within the first minute or so in preview mode so yes this could well be the cause

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