Far West City (Joachim)

Author EGS: Joachim_Samake

a city of cowboys in the far west composed of six houses and 1 environmental decoration

Package Name:

Far West City

How to Use:

    • Search ’Far West City’ on the community tab
    • Drag and Drop one of this templates onto your level :
  1. _Home01

  2. _Home02

  3. _Home03

  4. _Home04

  5. _Home05

  6. _Home06

  7. _Decoration





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**Woot! ** I have been watching the sneak peeks and waiting to see you post these Joachim! Ha, I love these so much :cactus: A ready made western town every building with unique features! I am definitely going to be using these! :cowboy_hat_face:

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Haha Thanks Nya!

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