Feliz Navidad

The festive period is about putting up stockings and giving gifts. But with competition high will you resort to other means to beat your opponents?

This is a collection game that I used Vilva’s collection package for and Vilva hopped in to help me tweak it to my specifications. When items are collected however they are replaced by a xmas present.
The added twists is the festive themed weapon pickups hidden around the map such as the candy cane rifle and the Xmas cracker xmas pud rocket launcher. Players can attack each other (or the scenery) to get an advantage to find more xmas stockings themselves.

I always forget to announce updates but I changed the map after the new BP release to add tge water wheel and added more pickups and a new turkey firing weapon.

Feliz Navidad (Wintry Update)

  • Winter has come to the festive village. The temperature has fallen, with the arrival of snow and ice
  • New effects added
  • New snowball weapon added
  • more festive weapon pickups to be found
  • Snowmen added
  • New pickup spawns Crayta