Filebrowser for client-side widget assets

Right now all widgets are entirely self container within a single html file, containing all of the html/css/js required for the widget.

It would be enourmously helpful if instead of being self contained, widgets were simply HTML files, and all associated assets were available in a file browser of some kind.

This would allow a structure similar to

  <script defer src="../scripts/exampleWidget.js" />


The benefit of this kind of setup and accessibility is it allows use of modern tooling for creating crayta interfaces. For example, right now it’s impossible to create your interface with re-usable components, which gameface supports, because we can’t import separate files.

In addition to not supporting re-usable components, we also can’t use modern tooling to create single widgets using preact or react, and including the neccessarily bundled files that the tooling expects, even though gameface supports this.

As far as I can tell, exposing a simple file browser for client-side widgets would remove almost all of the discrepencies between gameface and crayta, allowing full use of the gameface documentation and power.

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