Fish With Your Friends

Whenever we create a game, we try to explore new ground within game systems, ideas, and methodologies. Today we’re releasing a pre-release of Fish With Your Friends.

With Fish With Your Friends, we’re attempting to explore two avenues of development:

  1. Can we create a social space like Crayta Cruiselines with a meaningful progression system
  2. Can we attract and retain players through regular game updates with a mapped out development plan

Fish With Your Friends is not a completed game, and this is intentional. Each month, we hope to add new features and content to create an ‘expanding social space’. Right now for our initial release we focused on 3 aspects:

  1. Refining the fishing experience
  2. Creating an environment you want to be in
  3. Laying down the groundwork for future updates

Our initial release contains the following features:

  1. Two locations, The docks and The Fish Shop
  2. The ability to fish at any body of water
  3. “Hot Spot” fishing zones that includes special fish, increased fishing odds, and other bonuses, with set fish amounts

We hope to release an update in August to further expand this content.