Fix missing features in physics

Add setLinearDamping and setAngularDamping to physics api

trying to do physic based games the first and major issue is the lack of any angular damping.
I managed to do actual positional air drag but rotational is driving me mad.
Was trying to simulate it in various ways but encounter gimbal lock issues applying torques with euler angles.

Add missing Unreal engine rigid body settings and api

Damping and Friction | Unreal Engine Documentation

Lock Position: that locks movement along the X, Y or Z axis
Lock Rotation: that locks rotation along the X, Y, or Z axis
Mode : constraints specified planes.

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Hi Gamely, I’ve already got an active suggestion to look into this internally. I have mentioned that it’s also a player requested feature. This is just to let you know that the feedback is important to us, rather than it’s something that we are actively working on.

Thanks Stuart I’m happy to know there is already something moving. Another important feature would be to be able to set the center of gravity.

Replication of physics movements also seems to get worse very fast when stronger forces / velocities are involved.

Another important feature missing is “add impulse at location” e.g to move an object hit by a bullet and not just at center of mass.
Thrusters are not the right solution for many use cases as they use forces and you also need to manage their lifecycle.