[Fixed] Basic tutorial 2: events

beginning here:

Aha here is the first problem. You can see that the “locked” Property is checked, which means the door is currently locked. Uncheck the locked checkbox.

the door would not open on preview.

there is no second problem listed on the tutorial.

the following allowed the use of the keyCardReader1 to open and close the door

Changing the keyCardReader1 entity

  • onInteract
    • added BankVaultDoor / BankVaultDoor
    • entity tried both Instances of BankVaultDoor (both worked)
    • Script LockedDoor
    • Event ToggleOpen

other items:

Open the Library again and open the Props tab. Add the TNT Plunger to your Hotbar .

  • Props should read Templates

the last of the tutorial:

  • the key is called KeyCard in the Templates. the rest of the tutorial could be confusing but users maybe able to understand key is now KeyCard and finish the tutorial.
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Thanks for reporting this, I’ll take a look shortly.

Ok, this ended up being quite the overhaul(!), but I think we’re there now. Thanks for the patience!

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Thanks it 's working very well :grin: