[Fixed] Basic tutorial 3: ui - DamageEntity asset

expected result - player takes damage
observation - player does not take damage

  • the playerHealthLocation is blank.
  • fill it in under World/terrain/playerHealthLocator1

player now takes damage

Another one in the list!

Fixed I believe - thanks :slight_smile:

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Attempted this tutorial today. The package I installed is still broken with the above issue. The player does not take damage as described in the tutorial without first making the above changes.
Very confusing and irritating for someone who’s new to this like me trying to learn from a beginner tutorial.
I strongly advise you test all Beginner tutorials and update the images used to reflect the current state of the UI when in basic mode.

My apologies for this. I took a look and you’re right, that tutorial had a number of large issues in there. These have now been fixed (and I’ve checked through it all too).

Sorry again.

I appreciate the apology but can’t help think how many people have simply given up after banging their heads against broken beginner tutorials.