[Fixed] Inconsistent variable name in 'Basic Coding 4: Conditionals'

In the Conditionals tutorial in the step ‘CREATING A TIMER’ the reader is asked the following:

Within the Init() function, create a variable to store the time remaining as a number. Call this variable remainingTime . Set remainingTime 5, which will be 3 seconds:

In the script example below the instruction this variable is not present, instead there is one called timeRemaining:

> function TimedExplosive:Init()
>     self.timeRemaining = 5
> end

A minor inconsistency, but rather confusing if one’s assimilating to Crayta’s scripting platform.
I’ve attached a Screenshot for the lucky one to fix this. Thanks!

Found at https://tutorials.crayta.com/basic-coding-4-conditionals/

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aye, you have found a typo. i’m sure a QA guy will flag it and have it fixed.

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Thanks for the good spot, I’ve reported it to be fixed!

Good spot thanks - fixed.