[fixed] Networking : no Client prediction in position/rotation replication when velocity or angular velocity aren't setup to non zero value during Init()

Describe the bug:
There is an issue in client prediction if entity’s velocity or angVelocity are not set ( or set to zero) during Init ,but they are then used at later time( during Schedule or onTick)
result is that prediction doesn’t take velocities into account ( smooth movement) and just applies position at 30fps that looks jittery on client 60+ fps.

How do you cause this bug?
just create an entity where velocity is set in OnTick vs one where velocity is previously set also in Init

Screenshots / video of bug watch at 60fps to check the difference in smoothness.
Thanks to how youtube loves my video it would be visible without issues in a couple of hours

Which platform: All

Your Crayta username: Gamely

Game seen in (including “Hub” or “Editor for XYZ”): I have seen quite a few games with this jittering , but I don’t know how many games actually uses velocity as I suspect many users just set positions directly when not using native animation methods (alter position , play timeline etc)

How regularly do you see this? Consistently

Time + date seen: Noticed just now , but probably it is not new.

p.s. please also fix angularVelocity in general.

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Hey there @Gamely !

Thank you for providing media for this complex issue!
Would it be possible to send us a copy of the scripts that could help our internal team to further investigate the issue. Replying to this thread with that info would be greatly appreaited.

With that said I have opened up a ticket for us to look into this for you and I have noted your addtl request at the bottom of your issue :stuck_out_tongue:


This bug has been resolved as of the latest update. Patch notes can be found here:Patch Notes: Cursed Galleons Launch!

Let us know if you believe the issue to still be present!