[Fixed] [Small] Minor Inconsistency within Variables Tutorial

In the Basic Coding 2: Variables and Datatypes tutorial there is an inconsistency in the primary variable name that may confuse users following along.

In the sections with headers " SET COUNTER TO 0" and " WHEN USER INTERACTS" the tutorial uses the variable “count” (eg: self.count, local count, and name="count"), and in the section " INCREASE COUNTER BY 1" both Event/Description tables reference the “count” variable. It’s also called the “count variable” in the “Tech Tip: Concatenating Strings” box.

However for the rest of the tutorial, including the full code snippet at the end, the variable is called “counter” (eg: self.counter).


Good spot thanks. I’ll go through it and make all instances Counter :+1:

This is now fixed I believe :slight_smile:

Thanks @Chris. Looks like there’s just one instance left in the last section: “ADDING POLISH” (second bullet point) :wink:

D’oh - thanks @ekelrock, hopefully I’ve got them all now :+1: