[Fixed] Tutorial - Introduction to Widgets, building a game UI - script widget issues

first issue:

at this stage of the tutorial, i get the widget to appear in the attached picture without the number 1.

second issue:

proceeding through the rest of tutorial resulted in a console error in
myCollectablesScript:14: in function <myCollactablesScript:13>

i haven’t seen anyone post on this in discord nor other forum posts. is this tutorial right or am i missing something here?

Will have to investigate this, but following the tutorial correctly should not end up with any worries so bugging it up for a fix regardless!

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it was a long road into it. things didn’t add up and then i knew it would require a deep look on the dev end. thanks.

Hey @wulvyrn, I timed it well to finally get the chance to investigate this overnight: copy-paste outside of Crayta has just been enabled which made it tons easier to complete this tutorial.

I couldn’t find any issue though: Using the clipboard to copy all of the scripts made the number 1 appear correctly, and it worked as intended at the end too without errors.

Do you still have this tutorial kicking around? Are you able to paste in your code for the myCollectablesScript so we can see if there’s an obvious ‘gotcha’ that we need to try to prevent?

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thanks @Chris for looking into this. i was able to complete the tutorial.

i think my error was the type font on the code. my process is used with two chromebooks, one the big screen for crayta and the other along side for reference, tutorials, discord, etc. the change to a mono-spaced type font makes the transcribing it from one screen to another much easier. copy and paste is not an option for me. i’m guessing it’s the path most people are using?

thanks again.

Ah I see.

Well copy and paste only became available overnight, so the approach you’ve been taking has been the same for everyone else until now!

Good to hear that the tutorial (plus monospacing) is working for you though :+1: