Flappy Bird 2D!

Flap your bird through the pipes to achieve your new high score in Crayta’s first fully 2D game!



How did you make this? I see there is vector2 in the api…maybe Crayta will make a Crayta2d add on

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For version 2, you should take advantage of Crayta’s built in multiplayer and have multiple people compete to see who can last the longest.

That might take some work if you build this completely in a widget.

I made this with a single UI Widget and a custom script I wrote to allow my Lua and JavaScript to easily communicate. All the non moving parts are designed with HTML & CSS, all the moving parts are designed with the HTML Canvas + JavaScript, all the logic is done with JavaScript and all the key detection, sound effects, highscore saving etc is done with Lua.

Glad you enjoyed it!

So technically when your currently playing you are potentially in a game with others already playing. I was originally going to add a “lobby leaderboard” however when I tested it, because you could never see the other players it was a bit weird and almost hard to believe the other numbers were actually players. I’m currently working on (however have no real release plan yet) on a little arcade game where there are multiple of these mini games on actual arcade machines dotted around the map, ones you can interact with and play the games whilst others can look at the screen of the arcade machine your on. As you can imagine this is taking quite a bit of time just to rack my brain around the different systems needed but I think after I do a few more 2D games I will focus on this arcade project properly.


I gave this a whirl last night and it was super fun. Nice job on the implementation. Kind of cool to see what everyone is working on.


I would love to learn how to make something like this but as it stands, seems hard. It would be cool if there was a 2D package somehow.

I think there could be potential educationally, as almost all middle and high students have google accounts.

Its funny you say that because I actually taught a friend who wanted to get into programming the basics of web development using the UI widgets within Crayta.

Also, I was actually thinking of creating a 2D game package where you would be able to create 2D games using Lua properties however quickly realised you would need to know web development in order to know how to use the package which sort of defeats the purpose. Not to mention the amount of time it would take me to make something like that ( time I don’t really have ).

If you’r interested in learning how to use HTML5, CSS & JavaScript then w3schools is a very good place to start. They even have a tutorial on how to make a flappy bird style game like I have using the languages above, It is a bit different to the one I have made but will start you off.

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I was thinking about creating a basic package with a boilerplate Widget and a script that passes all the button presses to the widget. It would serve as a good starting point for people who wanted to do 2D games in a single full screen widget. The issue is that building 3D games in Crayta is probably easier to learn than learning HTML game development. :laughing:

I have already built what you’re talking about for this game. I have a sort of go between script in Lua that essentially connects my JS to my Lua so that my JS can call Lua really easily and my Lua can call JS really easily. That includes all input detection. Its a little messy though so I would not want to release it as a package, I have not even looked up how to create a package yet

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Creating a package is super easy but I hope they add copy/paste so we can post code on github easily.

Ok thanks everybody - I’ll go check out w3schools Kiwi

What is really weird is that even though your game is a clone of a game, it looks totally original!
I suppose this is because everyone is using the same pool of art?

If anybody gets a chance to upload a 2d package that would be awesome.