Flare Gun Package (aka Projectile Target Practice Gun)

A gun that fires projectiles that can be used with the Target Practice template.
Try it in Fireworks Frenzy

To use:

  • Install the Flare Gun package.
  • Swap out the default “TargetShooter” on the User template for the “TargetShooter (Flare Gun)”. See image below.
  • Optional: Delete the other TargetShooter template and gunScript so you don’t get confused later.


  • This was specifically built to be used with the Target Practice template but it might work in other cases as well (probably with a bit of extra work).
  • You can change out the gun mesh and the projectile template on the TargetShooter.
  • Find me (ekelrock) on the Crayta Discord if you have questions.

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