Flight And Fight

Train for spaceship fights against other recruits in the flight simulator made by Terra Coalition Fleet. Select your ship type: the fastest “scout”, balanced “interceptor” or with the most firepower - “fighter” class. Race for the most hits in target practice or join space fight.

(released some time ago, but only now published here)


  • add special abilities to ships
  • blink for interceptor
  • signal jamming and invis for scout
  • auto-targeted rockets for fighter
  • display targets on ships as well as asteroids
  • add power depleting system for plasma guns to make effect of more weapons slightly less effective (fighter would do less DPS long term, but still can make effective bursts)


Added some more abilities to ships:

  • each ship got two additional devices
  • scout can become invisible for a short period
  • scout can now apply cyber jamming to other ships close to it to block their view while system is rebooting
  • interceptor can blink to a short distance in front of it
  • interceptor can lock target to blink instead behind locked target
  • fighter can shoot rockets, which autodetonate when close to any targets and do area damage
  • fighter can lock target so that rockets would follow it

Additionally changed how main plasma guns scale between ships by adding power level limitations. Now all shots from plasma guns consume certain amount of power and this decreases available power level. When power level depleted - guns cannot shoot anymore.
This makes ships with more guns somewhat less effective, because ships have now same average DPS, however more guns allow to make more damaging bursts at the right time.