Gallery and Art pack Living City

This package provides original digital art on the Living City topic. The pictures and graffiti have been created by Daystiny and the AI DALL-E.

Here are a few samples, there is a lot more included.

You may use those images as you see fit in your Crayta creations; if you are in doubt, check the terms here:

Using the digital art

After installing this package, drag the ArtGallery template anywhere in your game world.

  • Browse through the gallery to locate the picture or graffiti you like.
  • Click on the locator in the center of the image
  • Locate the simpleImageWidget
  • Copy the imageURL in the section Asset Properties
  • Paste the imageURL in your own widget source or widget property

Using the building templates (very optional)

Allthough the purpose of this package is to provide digital art, I have created the gallery based on templates that are added to the package.

The squarePartition is the generic square sized template. Add any number of squares and arrange them to lay out your building.

The galleryPartition is a variation of the square especially for the Art Gallery. It contains the backdrop and 2 picture frames.

Once you are done arranging the blocks of your new building, you can merge the voxel meshes and remove any duplicate floorFrame, floorFrameVert voxel meshes or Silver Balls to save entity count.

RED ALERT: when you merge the voxelmesh pieces to parent, you have to first manually move the children of the voxelmesh you are trying to merge to another parent. Otherwise everything may look ok, but only until you start preview or reload the editor, and then everything will be a big mess. I have created a bug report for this: Merge to Parent Bug

This package for the Living City build jam uses the Simple Image and Simple Sign packages of Crayta’s Adam O.


Wow - these look great!

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