Game either show error code 0xc00007b or its shows an error message when game is launched

To crayta team,
I was installing crayta and nothing was wrong until when i launched it it either showed me an error message say “The application was unable to start correctly (0xc00007b)” or it showed that something was missing with in the files.
I tried everything i could to fix this. I restarted my pc, i have scanned my (C:) files and still nothing work.
If you could help me fix it so i could play crayta i would really appreciate this.
Thank you and have a nice day.

I’v did a little bit of research and i think maybe one of the reasons its not working is because its not part of the game list for easy anti-cheat set up. Im not sure if its what causing the problem but maybe it could explain why the game is working correctly

Bugged this up - we’ll look into it for you. Could you give me your Epic username to help track it down?

In fact as well as that, could you run dxdiag (press Windows key, type “dxdiag”, and then the Save All Information button) and upload that file here? Another thing to try is clicking the “Verify” option under Crayta in your Epic Games library

My username is: Liordragon

As for the verify option i fid that and it still didn’t work. As for the dxdiag i’ll take care of that as soon as i get home
Here is a link to the file you asked. I tried uploading it here but the website says you can’t upload text files here so i uploaded it to google drive. Also tried verifying my files and still nothing.

Thanks, we’re looking into this now. We suspected it may have been down to having a 32-bit machine, but yours is definitely 64-bit, so someone smarter than me is looking into it now :smiley:

It looks like an issue on your end - you’ll need to look into the error code “0xc00007b”. I’ve had a quick search and it looks like this page may be useful: Fix: Error 0xc00007b "Application was unable to start correctly"