Game freezes or crashes

i hate to bother. Question: i have 100 locators on 50 templates of voxel mesh glass. the reason for two is to have transparency when looking from either side. it’s not true transparency rgba .7 or .9.

there are no scripts running, just the drawing (big japanese dojo based on the ps2 game dojo found in yourself!fitness). it has a lot of windows. maybe making them all single windows was a bad itea.

the more windows I put in, the slower it got. at the 50 (100 locator) mark, the game pretty much quit responding. If i went into preview mode, it would crash.

the GPU Translucency is around 217ms at highest and can drop to 176ms rarely.

Is there a limit on what i’m trying to do? or am i overextending something i shouldn’t be doing?

thanks in advance. picture below.

i disabled the transparency in the widgets - GPU dropped to 129ms - game still very laggy.

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i made a 2nd world under this world for testing.

this 2nd world does not have any templates. locators, with the widget, are over the windows. i’m currently half way through the small windows (3x2 grid). performance does not seem to be impacted.

the original game had templates layered with locators, one template and 2 locators to allow for two way transparency. it made for alot of templates and 3-4 times as many locators.

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Yeah it seems you are hitting the limits of what a world can contain really, Stadia/Crayta can only take so much so the only advice I can give is if a world starts to impact performance that’s about when you should stop adding things or start simplifying some stuff, a key way to do this is to make sure voxel meshes are as big as possible (merge some smaller ones together) as they perform far better than lots of smaller voxel meshes.

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Discussing this with the devs, we notice that you are relying on the voxelmesh borders to make that dojo look really pretty, consider merging the windows and floors diagonally so that border remains between the ones adjacent but they are linked to the diagonals via voxel mesh to reduce numbers but keep the aesthetic!


thanks for the feedback. i’d concur with your comments after working on 2nd world. is there a best practices standard?

i didn’t see this issue in the tutorials; at this point is was a blur as i ran through all of them.

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