Game genres for new game templates, finished multi-genre tags

So in preparation for the release, I was watching all of the very informative videos.

Youtube Crayta

While watching some of the videos and some of the streams that were released. I noticed that one of your team was streaming the survival template. The template seemed to be more of a royal type of PVP game genre rather than a survival PVE. I know this seems a bit like word choice semantics but thought I would just ask if this was intended. The Tumblweed game seemed closer to a survival game in some ways.

All that to ask is there a game template genre, organization plan? Can anyone submit a Game template for review? Lastly, will there be tagging options for games that have multiple genre’s (both for Templates and actual games)?

Hm I can see the naming is a little confusing yeah. It’s intended as a survival PvP, in the sense that once you die, you’re out for that round, so it’s a game of being the last survivor. We plan to increase the number of starter games with more genres added over time for being to start from, but those will just be created by us, you won’t be able to submit your own starter games for review (although free free to make suggestions of starter games you’d like to see!). When you publish a game, you can assign it a number of tags - the starter game you chose doesn’t affect the tags or how it appears when published, so you can choose whichever combination of tags works best for your game

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