Game Jam - Dream Vacation Jam: Private Beach Coast

Game Name : Private Beach Coast
Contributors : Myself
Packages used : Multiuser-Multipurpose Doors With lockpicking By: Daystiny#1423
Cosmetic Ferris Wheel By: DryCoast
Door By: Crayta
City Buildings (modified) By : Crayta
Rotate and Move By : Crayta

Share Link : Crayta

Description : This is an interesting take on an Adventure game. It is a Landlord game with a private vacation type environment. There are and will be many things to explore. Updates will be done hopefully on a weekly basis. In this game you will need to acquire resources. These resources are available to collect on land and underwater. It is also available at the shop if you would like to purchase the resources.
Resources: Seashell, Starfish, Conch and apple

Sell the resources at the resource shop.

The resource shop is a large fruit drink embedded in the bar.

When you have enough currency, you’ll be able to buy keys that give you access to a house. Collect the income that comes with the house that you own and build your wealth.

These are a sample of the 12 available houses currently.