Generic Shapes

With new mesh scaling update coming, i would love to have generic shapes like

  • Rectangles/cubes
  • Cylinders
  • Pyramids
  • Half Pipe

With generic texture choices

With these generic shapes, mesh scaling and multiple texture choices would open the door for creators to build anything they want

I believe there is a feature request somewhere for changing mesh textures, for the shorter term this could potentially be a good solution

Thank you, and amazing work on the new update


Hey Scott!

This is a great idea, thank you for the feedback and the kind words.
I’ve forwarded your suggestion to the art squad, it’s in great hand now.
Take care and have a wonderful day!!


Material wise, it would also be nice to have a way to change the “hue” on the material or colorize it somehow. It could be something applied to all meshes as a way to change up the base material.

Boolean operations, like subtract or intersect, on these generic meshes would also open up some creative doors.


Thank you to you and the art team and everyone else for fulfilling this request, the world is our oyster now as builders

Great work you folks :heart: