Ghost in the Mirror

Package Information

Created by: Kay
Package Name: Ghost in the mirror
Package Description: Simple system that allows you to create a ghost image appearing in the mirror

                                HOW TO USE
  • Install the “ Ghost in the mirror” package from the Community tab.
    Make sure to install 2nd package '‘Ghost in the mirror’ shown on the picture below (for some reason 1st version that I uploaded is broken :frowning: and I cannot unpublish it)
    Screenshot 2022-10-17 013306

  • Package comes with 2 versions - Static image of a ghost/ghosts and Fading image

  • Simply drag Fading Ghost In The Mirror or Ghost In The Mirror templates from Templates Tab and drop into your world.
    The ghosts image appears when the player enters the trigger and disappears when the player exits the trigger. You can modify the size or position of the trigger to suit your needs and change the ghost image in widget properties by changing ImageURL ( image has to be uploaded into Crayta Companion Site Crayta - Create Games)

Showcase Link

Package used in Showcase world:
Volumetric World Settings by TheDeveloper

Ghost Images that come with the package

Uploading: Ghost 3.png…

Uploading: Ghost 8.png…
Uploading: Ghost 9.png…