[GILL] - Jetpack

Listed as (GILL) - Jetpack

A wearable jetpack enabling your Player to fly around the world


  • Place a wearable jetpack on your player
  • Use the jetpack thruster to fly around the world


  • Drag the “Jetpack Mesh” template into your world
  • Play the game and make your Player collide with the jetpack to pick it up
  • Optional: If you have your own jetpack mesh, simply drag the “jetpackScript” script onto your own jetpack mesh and configure the properties as desired
  • NOTE: If you’re using your own mesh, make sure to set the mesh to overlap with your Player
  • NOTE: If you need help determining the right position/rotation on the Player for your own jetpack mesh, make sure to check out the “(GILL) Character Fitting Room” package :wink:


  • Let me know what improvements you’d like to see in the Crayta Discord or forum comments!