Glen Tower Defense

Play link:

A tower defense with 3 types of towers and multiple waves. Water tower slows down enemies and fire tower has AOE. Still work in progress.

I promised to package up the core mechanics in Discord. Still figuring out a user friendly way to do it. For now, I threw everything into a public package called “Glen TD”.

Big thanks to creators of the following packages:

  • NUI entity health bar
  • PathAnimator
  • Inventory
  • Game
  • Timer Widget
  • Prompts
  • NUI leaderboard

Opening this thread to track feedback and bugs.

0.9 - 9/22/20:

  • [bug] water tower slows
  • [bug] fire tower does AOE
  • [bug] removed enemy health bar to get more game stability

0.9.1 - 9/25/20:

  • [bug] removed collision detection on the plant
  • [feature] added a game announcer
  • [feature] added random music player for each round
  • [feature] added firing sound
  • [bug] resized global leaderboard to display top 10 players

0.9.2 - 9/26/20:

  • [bug] announce “you win” after completing all 10 waves, and show leaderboard