Glow Ore Losing/Separating From Their Glow

Sending Glow Ore Blue (and purple, presumably other colors as well) with a velocity >450 or so will pretty consistently cause them to lose/separate from their glow, at least in my game Arx Simulacrum (sorry! hopefully like last time it’ll resolve itself after I post this :smile:)

My attempts to replicate it elsewhere were unsuccessful, though I may have been testing at too high a velocity and without all the right conditions.

In the environment it was happening, there’s some intense directional lighting, and a lot of reflective surfaces. I am not sure if that’s what’s causing the issue.

I have video of it, but first screenshots to make it clear what to look for:

You can see a de-glowed Glow Ore Purple heading towards the camera, and another one with its glow still intact heading in the same direction.

Another view of non-glowing Glow Ore:

You can see it in these clips with nearly every one launched:

This is happening in both copies of Arx SImulacrum I have, and in the published live version.

I can try to investigate more and get more details if needed, but tbh I’ve spent quite a bit of time just trying to diagnose it and capture evidence already. As the classic joke goes - patient says to doctor “it hurts if I move my arm like this”, doctor says “well don’t move your arm like that!” - If I keep the velocity low enough the problem seems to go away…

Hi @ephemerald ,

I’ve reproduced this and sent a report through, thanks!

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