Glowing Tiles (interactive paths, stairs for #1 bases)

Full set of Glowing Tiles (player walking triggers glow).
(Package description has been edited to be more neutral/informative and objective.

What makes the NeW Glowing Tiles package unique, better than my old colored, ‘light-up steps’ package?
I made the original light step package more than a year ago, and even though it was really neat, it wasn’t easy to use. For example, tiles would be pulled apart when you wanted to position them somewhere else.

But since then we’ve all learned a lot about entity states and programming. And also about what is enjoyable and easily to use, this I have tried to incorporate into the package design.

Features of package;

  • Super easy to use, just place the tiles or prefabs in your world.
  • No coding, Basic-mode friendly!
  • Clear hierarchy, no accidental pulling apart of templates.
  • Additional voxels (thx Crayta) means a doubled palette of 11 dazzling colors.
  • Prefabs with tiles in rainbow-order

Yes, next to the tiles there are many PREFABS included in the package. These are ready-made collections of path, stairs, corners, inclines.

These look fantastic, just remember how rainbows make everyone happy. The same principle is applied here, but in a step form-factor.

If you run into anything you could use my help with, let me know.