Good Vs Evil (EPIC Gameblast21 jam submission)

For last weekend’s three day game jam (GameBlast21), I worked on a project called “Good vs Evil”. This is a CTF (capture the flag) style map featuring a new mechanic of resurrecting your team mates. If your team mate has been killed, you can resurrect them by kneeling by their body - they will revive after 2 seconds and have half-health. If they are not revived in 15 seconds, they are respawned back in their respective areas (Heaven/Angels, The Underworld/Demons).

There are many improvements that I would have liked to have completed but as with any Game Jam there was a time limit for the competition. If there is interest in it, I will expand on it after the voting has concluded. I hope you enjoy it - thanks for stopping in! If there aren’t enough players available for a game, have a quick look around the map- (I am particularly proud of how The Underworld came out in the time frame), I have spent half the time allotted for the competition on design as well.

Please let me know if you have any feedback and I can implement it after the voting period has closed.

Good Vs Evil Game Jam submission page:Rate Good Vs Evil by DryCoast for Crayta GameBlast21 Game Jam -

Have a look through all the submissions from the community and please vote for any of your favorites.

Thank you!

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