Grow Gun - Living City Build Jam

Grow Gun Package

What is a Grow Gun?
The Grow Gun is a held held tool that allows players to bring life and colour to any scene in Crayta! The perfect tool for Cybotanica to make a LIVING CITY!.

How do I get the Grow Gun?

  1. Go to the Community Tab and search “Grow Gun”
  2. Install the package (this will also get you the Inventory Package)
  3. Drag the User Inventory onto the User Template
  4. Drag the Player Inventory View onto the Player Template
  5. Return to the User template and set the default item (Inventory → Defaults) to the “Grow Gun” template

Now preview and you should find yourself holding a Grow Gun!

How do I use the Grow Gun?

  1. Drag the 2 examples into the world (Example - Wall and Example - Container)
  2. Note that these examples contain various meshes with a script attached, growGunItemScript. This script determines if something can be grown by the Grow Gun
  3. Scale the meshes to the size that you want them to be WHEN FULLY GROWN.
  4. Preview and see that the Grow Gun beam goes green when you can grow something! Hold Primary and watch it grow!


Now what?
The Grow Gun can be used in a number of different ways so ultimately the choice is yours!