Hantverk Village - New Update!

Game Information

Contributors: Slaying
Game Name: Hantverk Village
Game Description: Welcome to Hantverk Village! This famous location is known across the lands as a Crafter’s paradise! Craft away with simple one click crafting - Armour - Weapons - Jewelery - Food - And more. As you start to build your wealth, upgrade and expand the Village!
Special thanks to: Vilva → Music Player, Ekelrock → Text Adventure, SlaterBBurn, and TheDeveloper.

Hantverk Village v 1.1

  • T2 and T3 stations reflect upgrades with unique changes
  • T1 Housing is now available to the public as a form of passive income
  • The tutorial can now be replayed at any time through the tutorial board
  • Adventurers from across the lands have come to visit Hantverk… It may prove fruitful to keep them around
  • Pricing changes to station upgrades and various materials/craftables

Hantverk Village v 1.2

  • Housing purchases reward property tokens which can be used to upgrade the Village Collective
    • New leaderboard added: Top Village Collective (Lv.)
  • The Village Collective is a great form of fast passive income, in addition to the daily passive income that housing provides
  • Control scheme updated for mobile controls

Hantverk Village v 1.3, v1. 4

  • Updated UI across the game
  • Newcomers start out with Hideworking station unlocked, all other crafting stations now have to be purchased individually before being able to craft at them
  • Added Village Leveling
    • Actions such as purchasing, upgrading, crafting recipes and more will award experience
    • New leaderboard added: Top Village Levels
    • Increased max Village level to 75
  • Added Village decorations available for purchase:
    • Dragon statue (L/R Entrance/Exit)
  • Updated properties:
    • Introduction to Properties tutorial, and property stimulus
    • Purchase prompts now show daily income amounts
    • Collection prompts now update in real time with the amount available for collection
    • Notifications are sent out upon entering Village of any properties ready for collection
  • Updated crafting station upgrade costs
  • Updated each tier of the Village Collective with unique changes
  • Updated area surrounding the Village with more visuals and places to reach
  • Updated Village design
  • Updated Village prompts
  • Updated Newcomers Introduction
  • Updated control scheme for mobile users
  • Added Day / Night cycle and additional lighting around the Village

Hantverk Village v 1.5

All properties can now be entered!

  • Each property has its own unique layout and interior design - Which upgrades upon purchase!
  • You may enter unpurchased properties - But watch out for cobwebs and spiders.
  • Each purchased property contains a treasure chest.


Next up is… Treasure Hunting!

  • Treasure chests have been hidden around the Village.
  • Each chest can be opened once. Afterwards, it will disappear until it respawns again.
  • A new item - ‘Lockpick’ - is required to open up a chest. Lockpicks can be crafted at the Forge.
  • Chests contain some of the highest-valued items in Hantverk, ever.
  • Treasure includes - In order of value: Elder Key, Tin Goblet, Bronze Goblet, Ruby Tiara, Ornamented Bracelet, Amethyst Cuff, Dragonflame Tiara, Gilded Tiara, Box of Treasure, Gilded Box of Treasure.
  • Each treasure that’s found will be added to a new leaderboard ‘Top Treasure Hunters’ - Which tracks the consecutive value of all treasures you’ve ever found!


Some UI changes…

  • All Crafting Stations, the Auction House, and the Craft Shop have an updated design to improve functionality and ease of use.
  • This change includes clear button labels for their respective actions - Craft, Buy, and Sell.
  • Crafting stations ‘Craft’ buttons now include the quantity required, in addition to the existing ‘Requirement’ text.
  • The Auction House will now display a ‘Sell All’ button in place of the regular ‘Sell’ button if more than one item quantity is available to be sold.


Decoration Upgrades

  • You may now upgrade all four ‘Dragon’ statues to include a fire breathing effect!


Village Banners

  • As you progress and purchase properties, banners will start to appear across the Village.


Village Level Cap Increase

  • As many players have maxed out their Village Level, the cap has been increased from 75 → 85!
  • Compete against one another to be the first one to reach 85 on the existing ‘Top Village Levels’ leaderboard!

Other changes include…

  • All sounds that were previously not played locally are now played locally.
  • Changes to the menu / Introduction UI.
  • Added an additional prompt upon login for players to read about the latest update.
  • Game optimization to improve performance - Including the loading of multiple Villages and lighting, effects, etc. to only be enabled if there is a player nearby.
  • Updated Village for Autumn.
  • Minor improvements to both the Newcomer Introduction & Introduction to Properties
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Hantverk Village v 1.5.1

This is a small update that resolves the issue with offline progression - All properties will continue to accumulate gold while you are offline.

A big shout out to Daigoro who also helped out here with some back-end improvements to the loading of the game.