Hantverk Village

Game Information

Contributors: Slaying
Game Name: Hantverk Village
Game Description: Welcome to Hantverk Village! This famous location is known across the lands as a Crafter’s paradise! Craft away with simple one click crafting - Armour - Weapons - Jewelery - Food - And more. As you start to build your wealth, upgrade and expand the Village!
Special thanks to: Vilva → Music Player, Ekelrock → Text Adventure, SlaterBBurn, and TheDeveloper.

Hantverk Village v 1.1

  • T2 and T3 stations reflect upgrades with unique changes
  • T1 Housing is now available to the public as a form of passive income
  • The tutorial can now be replayed at any time through the tutorial board
  • Adventurers from across the lands have come to visit Hantverk… It may prove fruitful to keep them around
  • Pricing changes to station upgrades and various materials/craftables

Hantverk Village v 1.2

  • Housing purchases reward property tokens which can be used to upgrade the Village Collective
    • New leaderboard added: Top Village Collective (Lv.)
  • The Village Collective is a great form of fast passive income, in addition to the daily passive income that housing provides
  • Control scheme updated for mobile controls