Hero Selector Pack

Package with which you can create a hero selector for your games with space for the hero name, description, weapons, skills…

You can easily change:

  • The name
  • The description
  • The weapons
  • The skills
  • Customizables npcs for the selector
  • Moving cameras for the selector
  • Sci-Fi interface
  • Icons

The installation is very simple and consists of only 2 parts

  1. User
    In the User template you have, drag the following folders:
  • User - Character Selection (sci-fi)
  • User - Spawn (sci-fi)
  • User - UI Visibility Handler (sci-fi)

image You should have something similar

  1. World
    In the world tree, drag the following folders:
  • World - Heroes Cameras (sci-fi)
  • World - Hero Selector (sci-fi)

You should have something similar

In the User - Character Selection, you have the script characterSelectionScript, here you have a list of templates of the players you want to spawn by clicking on the corresponding button in the Widget.

In the User - Character Selection, you have the widget characterSelectionWidget, here you have the option to change all the default texts and icons to your own.

  • Can I use this selector for game types other than shooters?
    Yes, we give you the tools to select the hero or the classes
    (the player template) but it is the game creator who has to make the templates at the end.
  • I have found a bug, where do I notify you?
    By the discord or by the forum, we are attentive.
  • Do you have any other package that matches this one?
    Yes, we have another package called Sci-Fi Health to give life bars to players.
  • Can we change the hero selection widget to look more like my game?
    Yes, although you would have to touch the code to give it the touch you want, the script will work the same.