Hikers Flag

                                Hikers Flag

Find and capture the Hikers Flag located on top of the mountain using special powerups.

Hold and defend the flag for the longest duration to become Hikers Champion.

Powerups :

  • JetPack : Beat the gravity

  • Boost : Beat others with double speed

  • Healthkit : Beat Death

Did a list of scheduled updates from last version

Changelog :

  • Added Global Leaderboard

    • Highest Score leaderboard

      • This includes the list of Top 10 players with highest scores in single match. The score is in seconds. This leaderboard updates after the end of a round, so make sure to complete the round.
    • Cumulative Score leaderboard

      • This includes the list of Top 10 players with total score combined from all matches played by him/her in their lifetime, The score is in minutes format, Updated every seconds.
  • Flag Mechanics

    • Added delay between flag snatching

      • A player can only snatch the flag from others if the other player has held the flag for atleast 1 seconds, This avoids unexpected situation which could ruin fun of the match.
    • Flag position reset

      • Flag resets to its original position when the flag owner dies while holding the flag.
  • Tutorial

    • Added tutorial for new players.
      • A training ground is available for new players to understand the game mechanics and powerups.
      • There is a hidden ATM machine on the main ground which lets you play tutorial if you interact with it, Good luck Finding it.
  • Powerups Mechanics

    • Added recursive spawns
      • 5 Random powerups gets spawn at random position every 30 seconds to make sure there is abundant powerups available for every players anytime.

Thanks for playing the game, I hope you enjoy playing every seconds of it with your friends.

It will be a lot of fun to play in a lobby of more than 15 players, I will appreciate your feedback.