Holo Target Tracker

Holo Target Tracker

Display entities as a targets in futuristic holo-helmet-lke widget



  • Constantly updates relative position of entity to render target in the HUD widget
  • Target displays distance to entity and includes animated effects, which depend on distance and angle
  • Target is rotated in perspective when goes out of left and right screen bounds to imitate helmet-like HUD effect (but target will not be displayed if entity could not be projected on screen, f.e. it is behind player)
  • Can configure different name to change the title


  • Add script folder HTT_Holo on Player template
  • Add script HTT_Target on entity you want to track
  • Call HTT_Target:ActivateTrackingFor(player) to enable tracking for specific player
  • Call HTT_Target:DeactivateTrackingFor(player) to diable tracking

For example following is done with trigger:


  • allow to customize colors and styles via script properties
  • display target-pointer on HUD edge (with matching angle) even if it is outside of screen with different style indicating that target is out of screen
  • add details - programmatically controlled content to display more info, when for example user interacted with target entity
  • add support for distance-based scaling with breakpoints to support more targets on one screen and visually distinguish targets, which are closer than others (currently spinner will change length when entity is closer than 10 meters, but this is probably not enough)