"Holograms & Neon Cyberpunk Signs" - Living City Build Jam

Package Name: Holograms & Neon Cyberpunk Signs
Creator: ThyrisFlare | Azahara_Gmz
Showcase: Crayta

“Holograms & Neon Cyberpunk Signs” contains 30 fully animated and 5 static UI elements ready to be placed on your futuristic creations to fill them with color and movement.

You can use them with the included meshes, change them and even extract the animations and place them on large surfaces. The possibilities are endless!

All UI elements have been designed in Photoshop and animated in After Effects, fully optimized for integration in Crayta.

The pack includes:

5 Animated Ads

  • BioTech Corp
  • Nitro
  • Join Crayta
  • Cybotanica Project
  • Jolt

5 Holograms

  • BioTech Corp
  • CrayGEN
  • EVE
  • Cybotanica Project
  • Exosuit N7

10 Neon Signs

  • Ramen
  • Arcade
  • Burger
  • Credits
  • Koi Fish
  • Japanese Lantern
  • Lucky Cat
  • Pharmacy
  • Pizza Slice
  • Hamsa

10 Lettering Signs

  • Ramen Motoko
  • Akihabara Capsule Hotel
  • The New Moon
  • Bazaar 24hrs
  • ATM Credits
  • Pharmacy | Open 24hrs
  • Tumbak’s BBQ
  • Sibuya Sushi

5 Urban Posters (Compositions for decorating walls)

How to use:

  • Install “Holograms & Neon Cyberpunk Signs” package.
  • Drag and drop the templates into your world.
  • Have fun! :heart:

To finish, I leave you a video summary of the contents of the package to see it in motion!

I hope you like it! :heart:

Thanks for watching! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:




This is just stunning. Showcase video with the music is perfect.


Thank you!! :heart:

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