Hoppers Vacation [WIP, open to try!]

Hoppers? What is this?

Hoppers on Vacation? - a brand new game, very much a WIP, yet open for early-access today. Notice; Even though the game is not finished, we spend a lot of time, and attention in it. With that in mind, please explore the prototype Hoppers game, quality updates are ready to roll out.


Who did this?

Everything in-game has been forged by TigerTitan, Tresko and Victorious from scratch. All entities are entirely voxel-based. We also play with the Level-Of-Detail of the player and the environment, which opens a lot of possibilities.


Help: I didn’t spawn / don’t load (solved)

That’s a last minute bug, but splat, the solution is very simple: Move your directional controls (WSDA on keyboard / right Thumb-stick on controller) in the Lobby. During the lobby timer you can select a playable character by moving left & right. Confirm your selection by pressing Interact when you’re facing it. You can change your character every round.

Tip of the week (!)

Humanoid characters are not playable (because of enabled collisions, and off-center pivot-points).
However, our very fun and cute Penguins in Hoppers are up for the task.
Other than their rotation they give a good impression of what will be in the coming update.

Hmm, but is this Hoppers game free?

Yes, Hoppers on Vacation (and other Hoppers’ titles) are free to play on Crayta! :smirk:

Your feedback will help the penguins

Please share your thoughts with us, so we can bring more and better hoppers to the game.

Exit-Poll → " I Want to HOP with… "

  • Other fun animals, like Tigers or Dodo’s.
  • Unique cool people, celebrities could be fun.
  • I stick with the Penguins, they are the Hoppers.
  • … my dream Hoppers skin is … (comment below)

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Press & media

Critics agree, this is a game you must see.


Very excited to play as all of the humanoid characters!

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