Hotel Resort Magnate

Hotel Resort Magnate was released for the “Dream Vacation” Game Jam.
Build your own island and have guests come and stay (and spend money).

Future plans:

  • More buildings
  • More upgrades
  • Better Guest AI
  • Complete UI overhaul


  1. Added on join/leave messages for users
  2. Fixed airport auto upgrading
  3. Fixed Utilities not charging money for upgrades
  4. Fixed Guests despawning
  5. Added Guests money, Guests start with $250 * star level of Airport
  6. Guests will now leave via Airport when they run out of money
  7. Removed Guests arms
  8. Removed Effect + Sound on buildings
  9. Removed Sell button
  10. Fixed 2 player bug
  11. Added label to show how many guests will arrive to airport
  12. Fixed collision on some buildings
  13. Removed some meshes from some buildings
  14. Increased max number of Guests per island to 250
  15. LOADS of balance changes
  16. Lowered chance Guests will target buildings from 70% to 60%
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