Hotkey suggestion for easier/more intuitive creating

Suggestion for hotkey / keybind improvement*

Essentially these changes would add a ‘layer’ of diverse functionality to the Next and Previous buttons on controller (Z and X).

  • Next & Previous -> rotate the selected entity clockwise or counterclockwise on the yaw-axis.

Maybe only when using the ‘Move-tool’ it corresponds more to how entities are rotated in other create/build games, also could be nice in basic mode. In my experience (some) new players struggle with rotation and movement of entities.

  • Next & Previous changes the brush size, like scrolling with a mouse up and down.

This functionality I really miss in basic mode. I think this would work nicely. And unsetting the brush size function via pressing extra2. Next and Previous then work on the hotbar again.
This is similar as when you want to select an entity and have to first exit the current tool in basic mode currently.