Houses and Buildings (I) - Build-A-Base Jam

Stadia/EGS Name: Tumbak7
Contributors: Tumbak7
Package Name: Houses and Buildings (I)
Package Description: 20 buildings of 3 different themes
Share link: Crayta

Installation instructions

*- Install the package “Houses and Buildings (I)” by Tumbak7
*-All the buildings will be in the template list
*-Drag and drop.
*-This package has inside a simple door script package to make the doors usable.

This package has 20 highly decorated buildings and houses with three themes: Tropical, Industrial and Town to put into your game like that or modify them to adapt to your game.

The three themes will let you easily build a house, a neighborhood or a town-base with a cool beach zone if you like. It’s up to you!

Also, by modifying the colour of the meshes you can easily make your custom buildings to fit into your game theme.

Let’s see some photos of what you can find on House and Buildings package:


A desert islands? A beach in the town? A paradise? 8 building of pure tropic!


Inspired by Industrial Revolution (and Mechanical Revolution meshes, ofc), these 6 buildings will let you decorate the production zone of your town.


Some generic buildings, with a bit modern decoration (which you can delete to fit with the other ones). Make a small town or a city with these buildings with this.

You can check all this in a game called “Houses and buildings showcase”. There you can check all separately or travel to low-effort sceneries to see how that looks.

Link: Crayta

Some scenery photos:

Some advice:

-To move your buildings around, use the red locator.

-If you are going to change a building after you put it, I recommend you to “break template link”. I you are going to change the voxelmeshes too, you should rename them, in “Mesh name” zone. (Voxelmeshes are like pieces of several voxels extracted, rotated, etc. For example, roof parts are made with that).

-All my buildings are being created to play with them, so explore different combinations, change colours, zones, textures and objects! The same building with different meshes will look like a different building!

-You don’t need the inside decoration? Delete it with the locator on every building. That way you will have less entities in your world. You can do it too with outside decoration, roof, doors, and windows… all are grouped in every building to make your life easier.

-Also, when you have finished your map, i recommend you to delete it from templates all my buildings. That way your game will load faster. (If a red message appears on your world, don’t worry, you must “break template link” on the building and it will fix.).

-Need info, help or something? Contact me on Crayta Discord, tag me or DM me, I’m Tumbak7.

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