How to submit a Jam entry on Itch

  1. Navigate to the current Jam’s itch page - (current one at the time of writing is $200,000 Prize Fund - Crayta Mega Jam! -
  2. Follow the link that says THIS LINK on the itch page
  3. Fill out the title of what you want to name the jam entry
  4. Add your game’s launch link from the companion site ( into the details along with anything else you may want to say

  5. Everything else is optional and can be filled in if you want to best describe your submission
  6. Click Save & view page
  7. You will be taken to a draft page which should show this on top.
  8. Click the Edit game link.
  9. Go back down to the bottom of the page and set it to Public.
  10. Click Save.
  11. Go back to the itch page.
  12. Click Submit your project
  13. Select the new project you just created. (If it does not show it may have been auto-submitted - skip to step 15 to check)
  14. Click Submit
  15. To confirm you submitted your project you can check Log in -