How to use Varun's Dungeon Traps Package

This is a guide on how to use my Dungeon Traps Package.

It consists of 14 Traps:
Arrow Wall
Crumbling Ceiling
Crushing Walls
False Floors
Stepping Stones
Spikes From Above
Poisonous Gas
Flame From Walls
Rolling Boulder
Snare Trap
Spiky Log Pendula
Tripwire (Decoration)

This Package uses Mightykho’s Mighty Animations Package, mighty thanks to him!

The usage is very simple: You drag and drop the templates on your Map and place them however you want. Each trap has a few things you can customise to your liking. There are also a couple of scripts that you can interchange between the traps to modify their behaviour.

Arrow Wall:
You can adjust the position of the arrow groups to

Crumbling Ceiling:
You can set the falling Meshes and Effects to be anything you like. I have carefully set the grid sizes to suit the Rock Meshes currently available in Crayta so you can set those depending on the grid size.
You can select whether or not you want invisible walls to spawn a specific time after the player enters the trigger if you want to block off the path the player came from. This can be used in a wide number of ways in RPG Games.

False Floors:
You can select which floors you want to set as false floors and which floors you want to keep solid. This trap can be useful in RPG/Puzzle/Dungeon/Obby Games

Poisonous Gas:
You can select the Effects to be whatever you like. You can also select how much the player’s speed slows down and whether or not you want the gas to damage the player.

And more!

There is an Example Package named Dungeon Traps Package Example that you can install from the Community Section. Make sure you use it in a Blueprint that includes the Health Package.