How To Use Varun's Enhanced Weapons And Combat System

Hello and welcome to this guide on how to use Varun’s Enhanced Weapons And Combat System Package!

What does this Package do?

This Package has 6 Custom-Made Enhanced Weapons that each inflict a Special Effect on your Enemy (Players/NPCs). The following Effects are included with the Base Package: Freeze, Burn, Medic, Poison, Curse, Stun. You can even create your own Effects and Weapons!


  • Incinerator

Applies Burn Damage on the Enemy per second

  • The Plague

Applies Poison Damage on the Enemy per second

  • Medic Gun

Heals Teammates, Damages Enemies

  • Defiler

Applies Curse Damage on the Enemy per second

  • Tesla Impulsor

Immobilizes and Disarms Enemies

  • Cryo Blaster

Slows down Enemies per shot


For Players

1. Place the Gun Effects Template on the Player

2. Place the Gun Effects Controller Script Folder on the Player

Your Player Template should now look like this:

3. Set the Effects Properties in Gun Effects Controller to the corresponding Effects in Gun Effects

Drag :gear: Freeze Effect onto the Freeze Effect Property
Drag :gear: Burn Effect onto the Burn Effect Property
and so on, one by one, for each Effect

That’s it! Go ahead on test these kickass Weapons with a friend!

For NPCs

I have made this Package compatible with NPC Enemies by Vilva, it also works with normal NPCs with the default healthScript attached to them.

Follow the same steps as mentioned above. Do not copy paste, set the Effects manually again, one by one.

If you’re using NPC Enemies by Vilva, replace the Code in NpcEnemyHealthScript with the NpcEnemyHealthScript Code found in this Package, this is required for the Medic Gun to work on NPCs. If you’re not using the Medic Gun, you don’t need to do this.

You can now copy and paste your NPCs as many times as you want after you’ve done this configuration.

That’s it! Go ahead and test these kickass Weapons on some NPCs! :smiling_imp:

Creating Custom Weapons

You can experiment with these properties on gunScript for any of the Guns and make your own Custom Gun!

You can hover over the property names to understand what each of them do.

You can set additional properties to customize the Weapon Damage behavior on every enemy from their Gun Effects Controller.

Creating Custom Effects

I’ve made this Package compatible with State Switcher and Mighty Animations so you can create your own custom Weapon Effects!

As an example, I’ve added State Switcher Curse Effect on the Gun Effects Controller. If you now enable Using State Switcher on the Gun Effects Controller and hit your enemies with the Defiler Weapon, you can now see skulls floating over their heads for as long as the Curse Status Effect lasts!

Similarly, you can create your own complex Effects. All you have to do is create a Locator, add any Effects, Meshes or Shapes etc. that you want to use to create your Effects, and add the stateSwitcherScript that came with this Package to that Locator and set these properties:

Note: If you intend to use State Switcher, make sure ALL OF THE EFFECTS you intend to use have the stateSwitcherScript attached to them

That’s it! You have added Enhanced Weapons And Combat System to your Game!

Congratulations on finishing this guide on the Enhanced Weapons And Combat System Package!
Go ahead and create something amazing in Crayta!

Again, if you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to reach out to me on Crayta’s Discord at Varun#8144 I’ll be happy to jump into your Game and help you out!

Thank you to:

AdamO for State Switcher
Mightykho for Mighty Animations

and Slaying, Trixter and everyone who helped me test it!

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