How To Use Varun's PowerUp Creator

Hello and welcome to this guide on how to use Varun’s PowerUp Creator Package!

What does this Package do?

This Package allows you to create your own PowerUps and define their behaviour in a simple way. It includes Scripts to customise your PowerUp’s spawn and disappear timing, sounds, visual effects, decide what effects it should apply on the Player that collects it and to create your own effects!
You can randomise all these effects to apply different PowerUps on the Player every time! You can even create team specific PowerUps for multiple teams in your Game!

You can find me on the Crayta Discord at Varun#8144 if you have any questions.
I’ll be happy to help :slight_smile:

This Package comes with the following Effects built-in:

Damage Boost
Damage Touch
Damage Resistance With Heal (DRWH)
Jump Boost
Instant Reload
Speed Boost
Give Weapon
Trick Power Up

Read on to learn how to add PowerUps to your Game and how to create your own PowerUp Effects!


For non-Scripters (if you don’t know how to code):

No problem! Using this Package is really simple and only requires you to drag and drop a few templates around the Game World!

Once you’ve installed the Package, you should see this in your Library:


1. Place locators for your PowerUps to spawn across the Map

Add instances of PowerUpSpawner wherever you want PowerUps to spawn in your Game.
Your hierarchy should now look something like this:

Your PowerUp will now spawn at that locator (spawner) in the Game

  1. Select whatever Effects you want the Player to get when they collect the PowerUp and other properties on the PowerUpSpawner Locators

You can set what time your PowerUp spawns and disappears from these properties

Select whatever Effects you want the Player to get when they collect the PowerUp (for e.g. Damage Boost, Jump Boost, Invisibility, etc.)

You can also select if the Effects are Random and what Team can collect the PowerUp

3. Add Player_PowerUps_UNZIP to the Player Template and follow these steps:

  1. Click on Player_PowerUps_UNZIP
  2. Click on Break Link With Template
  3. Select all the contents inside the UNZIP Locator and move them out of the UNZIP Locator, and into the Player Template
  4. Delete the empty UNZIP Locator

That’s it! You have added PowerUps to your Game!

NOTE: If you want to change the way PowerUps look in your Game, you can Create New Templates from the Example Power Up, and change the aesthetics of your PowerUp by modifying the content inside PowerUp Body

SCRIPTER VERSION (if you want to create your own Effects)

If you understood the above version, then this should be very easy for you!

If you want to create new Effects for your PowerUps, follow these steps:

  1. Go to PowerUpSpawnControllerScript and define a new boolean property for your Effect
    for e.g. { name = "shield", type = "boolean"},

  2. Create a new function exactly like the other functions present in the PowerUpScript, one that sends an event to start the PowerUp Effect function


  3. Now, go to PowerUpEffectsController Script in the Player Template

  4. Create a function for your PowerUp Effect inside this Script

  function PowerUpEffectsController:StartShield()
             -- define function behaviour

That’s it! You’ve created PowerUps with your own Effects!

Congratulations on finishing this guide on the PowerUp Creator Package!
I hope you are now ready to create your own PowerUps in Crayta!

Again, if you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to reach out to me on Crayta’s Discord at Varun#8144 I’ll be happy to jump into your Game and help you out!


This is awesome!

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Thank you :pray:t3::heart:


  • You can now create Team specific PowerUps for multiple Teams in your Game. All you have to do is set the enableTeams property to true in the editor and select the Team Number property that you want for your PowerUp

Big thank you to ChunkyLoverMark for this feature suggestion!

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You can now set PowerUp Effects on the Spawn Controller itself! No need to create multiple PowerUp Templates anymore! You can just create one PowerUp Template and set different Effects and Properties for it on each Spawn Controller!

Big thank you to @Vargath for his help and this feature suggestion!
Thank you to @Cereal for helping me fix a bug!